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Swimming Lesson

Swimming Lessons

We provide swimming lessons for both children and adults in the pool, from beginners to more experienced swimmers. Children's swimming lessons start at age 3 in the Toddler group and age 5 for the regular term-time lessons. Below is a look at what our children's term-time lessons include and also some information about private lessons. 

The number one on a blue background.

Level 1 (Baby Pool)

-Safe entry into the pool.

-Confident & comfortable in the water.

-Free movement in water without aids.

-Able to blow bubbles.

-Able to fully submerge themselves.

-Do a starfish float.

The number 2 on a blue background.

Level 2 (Bubble Pool)

-Push and glide (front and back) with/without aids.

-Treading water.

-Duck diving for sinkers etc.

-Intro into front and back strokes.

-Froggy legs.

The number 3 on a blue background.

Level 3 (Main Pool 1)

-Revision of full strokes.

-Intro into breathing.

-Front crawl, Back crawl and Breast strokes 10 metres with ease.

-Intro into diving.

Once your child has learned each group of skills, they will be moved up to the next level. We also run a Swim Training class and Swim Club during term times as well for more advanced children.

The number 4 on a blue background.

Level 4 (Main Pool 2)

-Front crawl 16m.

-Back crawl 16m.

-Breaststroke 16m.

-Intro into Side Stroke.

-Breathing in all 3 strokes.

-Diving and intro to race diving.

The number 5 on a blue background.

Level 5 (Lane)

-Intro to Butterfly.

-Refined technique is taught.

-Tumble turns.

-6 x 16m in all strokes.


Baby Swimming Class

Toddler Classes

We provide toddler classes for ages 3-5. They are taught basic safe entry to the pool, floating with and without aids and a successful push and glide. We do lots of water confidence games and splashing to become comfortable in and around the pool. 

Private lessons.

Private one-to-one lessons are available in the pool on request. We cater to all ability levels and ages. Phone or email for more information or to book. 

Learning to Swim

Child One-to-One Lessons

For a more tailored lesson, ask for one of our private swim teachers. They can provide your child with a customised lesson plan to bring them from just paddling to the Olympics! 

Woman Swimming in Pool

Adult One-to-One Lessons

If you never learned to swim or just want to refine your technique we have the perfect space for you. We have a range of teaching options to suit everyone so get in touch to find out more. 

Love Ukraine

Lessons through Ukrainian

Join Vlada as she delivers lessons for adults and children through the Ukrainian language. This is our newest addition to the lessons on offer in the pool. 

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