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Standing Order Option

We know it's not always easy to pay out one lump sum for memberships so you can take the pain out of it by using our standing order option.

Just follow these steps:

1. Choose Your Membership below and make a note of the Standing Order amount.

2. Fill in the Membership Option Form below. This is essential so we know that you are joining us and who the money is coming from!

3. Go to you bank or online banking app and set up a Standing Order for:

Baltimore Harbour Community Leisure Centre.

IBAN: IE69BOFI90295222117779


Use your name as the Reference. 


Ordinary Single (€500p.a.) = €41.67 per month

Ordinary Family (€1000p.a.) = €83.33 per month

Distance Single (€300p.a.) = €25.00 per month

Distance Family (€500p.a.) = €41.67 per month

Membership Sign Up For Standing Order

Thanks for joining! Don't forget to set up the Standing Order!

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