If you happened to be over on Tragumna last Saturday evening you would have seen the Tragumna 2.5k wild swim take place. Organised by the Lough Hyne Lappers, and strictly for the masochistic, this event gets categorized under “bonkers”.

Does anybody look at the weather forecast?

It was a grim, grey, evening with rain about to descend in biblical proportions. The heating was being turned back on in many homes in the area that evening!
Trag swim

The wind was howling onto the beach and spectators huddled behind the lifeguard hut. Even the lifeguards were huddled behind their own hut.

Trag swim-6

There was commendable back up and support for the swimmers apart from the lifeguards. A team of kayaks were on duty in case any swimmer felt overcome with exhaustion.

Trag swim-3


Trag swim-2

Trag swim-8

One felt somewhat sorry for the swimmers as they stood around hoping somebody with sanity would just call the event off.

Trag swim-4Trag swim-15Trag swim-17Trag swim-12

This was not to be ……..and about 50 normally sensible adults entered the ocean and swam. Respect!

Swim start Kona 2009


Even the children of these Wild Swimmers could not wait to participate.

Trag swim-10

Yes, Tragumna last Saturday evening was a humbling experience if you were standing on dry land watching these wild swimmers.  Well done to all who participated!




Trag swim-18

Trag swim-24