Lough Hyne Pier works. Swimmer Alert.


Pool Members who have been swimming in Lough Hyne in recent weeks will have noticed that the steps on the Pier have collapsed making entry and exit a little tricky. Well, full marks to the Marine Reserve Park Ranger, Paddy, who organised a team of local craftsmen to carry out necessary repairs last Wednesday. Paddy, seen here having a well deserved drink of water after spending many hours standing in the lake.


He and his co-workers, not only repaired the steps, but also buffered the corner of the pier which was in danger of complete collapse. The work to the steps required working with quick setting cement at low tide and building a cage to keep the water away for a few hours while the cement dried completely.


Thanks to this great work the Pier is now open again for swimmers.



Alert……. The bottom sill had to be raised 6 inches which may make entry and exit at low tide a little more energetic!! At our request Paddy has placed a stone in the water below the sill to hopefully make this easier. (At your own risk!)

Swim safely in the heated natural waters of the Wild Atlantic Pool.

Swim wild and cold at Lough Hyne, but be careful.


Wild Swan update.

Paddy the Ranger has been spending some considerable time trying to catch the aggressive swan. He has asked that he be immediately be notified should a member of the public catch the swan so it can be dealt with it humanely.