Age Policy for Children Beginning Swimming Lessons

Age policy for swimming lessons

At the Wild Atlantic Pool, our policy has always been that children should be five years of age before starting lessons.  In the past, we’ve been flexible on this, but that flexibility led to younger and younger children starting classes.  Our teachers find classes run better, and it’s safer for everyone, if all children in a class are of about the same age, especially at the beginning levels.

With that in mind, we are returning to our original policy, and enforcing that children must be five, or turn five during their first term, in order to start swimming lessons with us.  We feel that this ensures the fairest treatment of all children.  If you think your child has been passed over accidentally, please call or email us; errors do happen, and we may have an incorrect birth date recorded on the waiting list.

We hope this clarifies the policy on beginning swimming lessons.  If you have any questions about any aspect, please call or email.